Social Media content and Amplification

As a medium that is expanding day-by-day, the social media remains, by far, the most effective medium of communication. Strategising media content on the social media, Nirvana enables you to get those desired results smoothly. Furthermore, as the company has expertise in the domain of social media marketing, achieving greater success is almost a given.

Prior to going ‘live’ on the web, the media content is scoured thoroughly. After careful analysis and rectification of errors, all necessary changes in the text are made until it is pronounced fit for uploading. Our clientele will vouch for the scintillating results that generally follow!

Amplification is a crucial factor that is employed to enhance the response to content that is ‘live’ on the web. There is a special mechanism to measure it and, rest assured, Nirvana is adept at capitalising on the pay-offs of amplification.

A stunning case-study, all by itself - two video promos from a flick, each spanning four minutes uploaded on YouTube by us almost at the same time.

While one source managed to generate a tepid viewing figure of 13,000-odd hits on YouTube, the other soared and scored to rake in a whopping 11 lakh-plus hits !!

Clearly, that illumines the power of amplification, where the same matter is placed at strategic points, so as to generate a greater number of hits, comments and create a surge in interest.