Translating plans into action and achieving results of commendable merit, the personnel at Group Nirvana – spanning professionals across varied work segments – fructify ideas into reality successfully within the ambit of deadlines. Presenting, our roster of workmates…



The lone survivor and witness of multiple battles, calamities and accidents, Bebo is the icon of resilience and the beauty with the brains in Nirvana.
There is rarely a meeting with clients that she does not chair, albeit she sometimes also makes the conference table, her perch. She is fully aware that all of us work in her home and go to our own homes at night . A belly rub is a must for all her admirers and those running away from her, are generally not welcome in the office. For those allergic to cats, we keep wads of antihistamines and quick relief injections in stock.
Prospective clients, employees, suppliers and even visitors undergo the Beboabilty test and she accurately predicts the future and fate of those business associations and meetings.
The self proclaimed Chair Person of the organisation, loves to stretch and laze on a warm seat, even if vacated for a short break and inadvertently lounges on the seat, till its time for her to survey her fiefdom.


urvashi (a) groupnirvana.com

Urvashi is alumni of the prestigious JJ College of Arts and an avid artist with a keen eye for art, creativity and design aesthetics.
Paintings, making and discussing Films, Documentaries, Viral Shorts, Web Series, Sketching and Good Music are her favorite pastimes.
While it is rare to find her working in the early hours of the day, she's our very own, night guard, leaving sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. Her customer centered focus and beliefs set a tough benchmark for others. She is the extrovert, when she opens up, though someone who will never bore, only inform and entertain.
Urvashi's creativity and relationship management skills stem from an acute understanding of deciphering customer requirements and an extensive experience of execution. She has worked in QED Communications as Associate Creative Producer, before joining Group Nirvana and has worked on quite a few films, some brilliant campaigns and web productions to now have the b##ls to head the team as the Creative Head & Managing Director


vaishali (a) groupnirvana.com

Joining Group Nirvana early on, Vaishali worked her way up in the last decade, from Manager Finance, till she found her niche’ as Financial Controller.

Vaishali admits to liking “soft and slow, melodious bollywood numbers.” A movie-buff who adores Hindi comedy flicks, she also bags thrills by viewing telly-serials. A “practical person” by her own admission, Vaishali also knows her onions, figuratively and literally. “I love cooking spicy dishes,” she states.


shikha (a) groupnirvana.com

Shikha, sparked off her career as a Marketing Executive with Media Promotions in 2003 and soared to become Head of Activations, within the span of a decade.
A “big-time foodie” by her own admission, Shikha asserts that she’s high on culinary skills too. The ace professional who earlier showed a proclivity for playing volleyball, now enjoys being a home-bird who bags her thrills creating campaigns, producing high quality ground activations while watching cookery shows and movies on television. High on “patience” and a “good team player,” Shikha states that she’s always keen that “work gets done with perfection, no matter what.”
Lauded for her meticulous professionalism in meeting deadlines, this professional garners high brownie points for being meticulous and overseeing all the minute details, down to the very last. Shikha took the onus upon herself to deliver great results at all times & has now become a pillar of strength, as Director Production & Activation, with her highly successful experience of two decades in the field of advertising & production.


rajan (a) groupnirvana.com

Rajan Bhai as he is known is one of the founders of the Group with over two decades of dedicated service. A true blue maratha who rebelled and married his lady love, this family man is now the father of three lovely girls.

A pillar of strength, he has braved acute Arthritis and fought its after effects to continue to work and look after his family. Mostly staying in the background, as Head of Accounts & Banking Operations, his mere presence is heart warming. Rajan is an extrovert with a large social circle and is always up for social causes and helping those in need.


saurabh (a) groupnirvana.com

He's the shy guy at office. Having worked at Unilever & PriceWaterhouseCoopers at Dubai, before his stint with Infosys, as a Consultant, he has seen it all. Saurabh, enjoy's travelling though one look at him, doesn't connect his personality with adventurous at all.
The marathon runner, Computer Science Engineer & MBA from HULT, is an Encyclopedia & the Client Services Director at Group Nirvana. One can call him, Mr. Know It All. His opinions on everything are taken seriously at Group Nirvana and with a brain like his, he is truly the inexpendable creature in our office!


karan (a) groupnirvana.com

By profession, he’s a qualified air-craft maintenance engineer who admittedly hates a “nine to five” job and confesses to a “low threshold of boredom,” now in a vocation of his choice.
After a short stint as a trainee at IndiGo Airlines, he started out as a PR Executive with You, Me & We Agency and soon after relishing his new found love for Media, joined as the Production Manager with Empire Media Works.
TVCs for SUBWAY, a launch video for Vistara Airlines and he soon started enjoying it all. As Production Services Director at Group Nirvana, a confirmed football devotee, Karan is a very enthusiastic professional” and dubbed a “fast learner” by his colleagues, he earns encomiums from his team, peers and clients for his efforts.


avdhesh (a) groupnirvana.com

Avdesh is the Ghost Who Walks. If you see him, you could get a boon from him.
As Head IT, he is in charge of the entire IT backbone, servers, equipment, Internet, WIFi Computers, laptops, RAM and all other peripherals that everyone keeps chasing him for.
He prefers to work in the nights, quietly, without any disturbance & when no one is around to hassle him. A family man, with two kids, his wife can often be overheard on the phone complaining & imploring him to be home in time. His job is to keep chugging and working, all the ancient hardware so that additional costs of new capital purchases don't effect the groups profitability. He is pretty good, at his job for we still use a projector and some peripherals which are in good condition, albeit of heritage value.


Bobby (a) groupnirvana.com

A journalist and writer by training as well as instinct, Bobby is happy to read, write and ruminate about everything that catches his fancy. He has written innumerable pieces and worked for The Indian Express, Hindustan Times and MiD-Day. He is a good conversationalist and a tries to be a good listener, a stickler for the English language and grammar who can easily get by without Microsoft Word spell check or Bill Gates trying to teach him the language.
As the Group Editor, at Group Nirvana, who is open to ideas and change, he believes in changing his views if there is reasonable evidence to do so. He strongly believes that nobody can be 100% right all the time, including himself. “After all, even a dead clock shows the right time twice a day,” is what he keeps telling.
When he is not writing or editing, he can often be caught trying to read the thoughts of the office cat, Bebo. He is fairly convinced that the office cat has not only mystical powers of telepathy, but is also a highly philosophical soul involved in
profound thought about all the deep and intricate mysteries of life.


Ajit (a) groupnirvana.com

Ajit or Doctor as he is known in the organisation, loves crunching numbers and data and specialises in Econometric & Mathematical Economics and continues to be a keen sportsman having been a district level badminton player and represented Odisha in the East Zone Volleyball Championship in 2005.
An M. Phil in Economics, he started as a Research Analyst in Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai and has handled crucial projects including the 11th Five Year Planning Model, Evaluation of Agrifood Global Markets, the MMRDA Metro 4 & 2B socio economic survey, the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) Project and has also worked on the World Bank Household Customer Survey.
As the Head of Research & Surveys, Doctor puts in long hours on his desk and also travels extensively which takes him away from the one year old apple of his eye, Shrinika, his adorable daughter. He has a certain calm and peacefulness to his personna and is the ready shoulder for anyone wishing to loosen up.


ajaz (a) groupnirvana.com

Ajaz has a great sense of humour and extremely young at heart, even though he is the father of three college going children.
An old hand in the group, his serious looks are deceptive for he can break into a giggle without warning. As Web Master, he is always bent over his desk, the reason for his few extra kilos.
Extremely friendly, he goes out of his way to accommodate requests and uses any free time to hum and listen to songs and watch movies. If you need a lift and see a big man on a small activa, scurrying along, most probably it will be him and you will definitely get the lift, however you may not find enough space on the seat.


Ankita (a) groupnirvana.com

Ankita studied to be a Company Secretary, underwent apprenticeship conducted by ICSI and completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Banking, only to realise she was made for bigger things.
Her excellent academic background and experience in company law, banking and insurance make her an ideal participant in discussions about company laws, loopholes, risks and opportunities and she believes in meticulous execution of projects given to her. Her project budgeting, documentation, reporting and analysis skills make her an inimitable part of the projects team.
She occasionally loves to let her hair down for dancing, her one passion and is on a infinite fast to control her weight, though it doesn't need any controls.


Deepika (a) groupnirvana.com

Ever smiling, she's the colgate girl for Group Nirvana. She flashes smiles baring her full set of teeth, throughout the day inspite of any situation however precarious. An electronics & telecommunication engineer, Deepika has a certain love for social media and most of us only know the two accounts she has in each social platform, fb, twitter, instagram, youtube, but we are all sure that she has at least 3 dozen more.
Our best resource for Social, she can be found online at 1 pm, 3 pm and then again at 5 am, all odd hours and most of us are not sure if she's even human. She does seem like an alien with her rapid learning ability and unending passion for Reach and Notifications, two buzz words on Social Media. Starting out as an engineer with an six month internship on the Wireless Network in BSNL, she quickly understood what she wants from life and hasnt gone back to development or testing of any software, she was so good at, since then.
To top it all she is a silver medalist in inter college Women’s cricket.


bhavya (a) groupnirvana.com

She loves movies, dramas, plays and is high on tehzeeb, as she is from Lucknow. An education in Humanities and a Masters in Marketing powered up Bhavya to be the highly skilled go getter, she has turned out to be after stints in PayU and Jaro Education.
Don't be fooled by her petite frame for she has a strong head on her shoulders with tons of attitude and the power to do it all. She lives to get a better understanding of client requirements and makes sure we deliver a 150% of it, at the minimum. She's the devil reincarnated for slow workers.


Savitri (a) groupnirvana.com

One could quite easily equate her with her namesake, the wife of Satyawan who fought with the yamraj to get her husband back, Savitri is strong willed and a little eccentric. Cent per cent, Self made, after completing her studies, she went to the UAE on a tourist visa and landed her first job there. 3 months later, saddled with a 3 year contract and homesick, she managed to run away to India.
Mother to two cute little dolls, she is one of the most hard working women, one can find. With 18 hour days, a disciplinarian, she manges her home as well as the office with full control and quite strictly, till something amuses her and she breakes into a smile. Savitri heads Administration, Human Resources and is the lord of every thing that moves in group Nirvana.