Market  Research  and  Advisory

At Group Nirvana, a top-line team of market researchers from varied verticals serve up market findings that represent a convergence of general feedback and contemporary facts, illumining new meanings where others would see plain facts.
We work with accurate research, as our basis for planning and strategising, that encompasses viewpoints taken from target audiences to formulate invaluable data inputs.

Group # 1: Entrepreneurs from across India

Over 1.6 crores self employed - entreprenuers, spanning first or second generation entreprises, these are slotted as per their sectors, age, location and income into various categories.

Group # 2: Creative industries Database

This database comprises 4.5 lakh individuals, spanning professionals from films, television, music, performing and non performing arts. Of these, close to 98 percent are self-employed and the rest are employees.

Group # 3 : Non-entrepreneurs

This set of individuals find their way into data-bases that are generally created as per the needs and demands of clients, since they’re designed for a specific end use. In some cases, this necessitates data-modelling which offers further benefits to clients.

Group # 4 : Youth & Teenagers

This database comprises 4.5 cr individuals, between the ages of 18-27 and spans almost all cities in India. 

The Nirvana Edge
Nirvana’s forte lies in providing expertise to its focus segment of small and medium-scale entrepreneurs. As a one-stop destination, Nirvana promises to offer feasible and viable solutions that will take care of all your business needs. A sterling highlight of our Market Research and Surveys service remains its cost-effectiveness, vis-à-vis our competitors.

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